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Boy Scout Troop 136
(Krum, Texas)
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Scoutmaster's Vision

I want to share with you my vision as Scoutmaster. A vision is a picture of what future success looks like. If we can see it, we can be it.

My vision is that our Troop will model how every Scout unit can succeed. In the best tradition of Scouting, this will be a youth-led Troop. My vision of what success looks like has three parts.

First, as Scoutmaster, I see myself fulfilling my responsibility for the safety of everyone and the general direction of the Troop’s program. I see the Troop operating according to the Scout Oath and Law and following the guidance of our National Council. Scouting has no room for hazing, bullying, or other inappropriate behavior. We all are here to help one another have the best possible Scouting experience. The Scout Oath and Law will guide us in that cause.

Second, I see the adult leaders giving responsibility for leading the Troop to the Senior Patrol Leader and his Patrol Leaders Council. Adult Leaders will always be available to coach and mentor, but as much as possible, I see the Adult Leaders on the sidelines while the SPL and PLC plan and carry out a great program for our Troop.  Adult Leaders will not hide our coaching and mentoring. In fact, we will do this openly so all youth and adults can see and learn how the model Scout unit can be a success.

Third, my vision of success includes everyone in the Troop, both youth and adult, seeing themselves as here to help each other as much as possible and enjoy the fellowship of other Scouts. I see us doing all we can to get the most out of our Scouting experience together.

I am excited about this path of our journey and humbled that you have provided me with a front-seat view as we continue our Adventures in Scouting.

Yours In Scouting,

Scoutmaster Minute

Put Your Skills to Use

A flock of turkeys had a training meeting. All the turkeys went, and there, the head turkey taught them how to fly.

At first, they were taught how to make short flights off the fence to the ground. This was certainly new to them and it was a lot of fun.
Then, they glided from the top of the shed. Wow! That was really awesome.
Finally, they learned how to take off from a running start, glide and flap, and slowly lift into the air and catch thermal wind currents to soar high into the sky!
They could see the farm far below in great detail and they could even see the hills and woods far beyond the farm which they never knew about.
It was all very exciting, wonderful and exhilarating!!!

After the meeting, all the turkeys walked home...

Moral of the Story:  Practice and put to good use all the skills we learn in life.